Originally published Tuesday, October 8, 2019 at 05:40p.m.

Mooch, “Working for a criminal” – Let's get real! Can you say "China Joe" Biden? How about Biden's relationship with Ukraine? President Trump is innocent until proven guilty.

School Bond Vote – Just check my property tax statement and am already paying 48.77% for school taxes, not including additional 15.32 % for SD #20 bonds. Now they want another $35M ... No Way. Vote No!

Route 66 Street Drags return – Can't wait, it's awesome! I last attended in 2007, and I'll surely be there this year, even though I don't live in Kingman anymore!

Postal thefts investigated – Postal Service has a free service called Informed Delivery. In the morning around 8 a.m. they email you pictures or images of the first class mail and some second and third class mail. They also inform you of any USPS packages.

State acted illegaly by raiding school trust fund – That’s right folks. When you complain about the shortages and bond issues, remember those are shortages caused by Gov. Ducey and GOP lawmakers taking money away from funds specific for education, illegally. Stop voting for liars and thieves.

How well do you know Hildy Angius – What I do know, by her own words, is that she supports a corrupt president and his paranoid threat of “Civil War”. AND the “sacred” protection for BIAS in County government. These folks can’t win when they don’t cheat!