Originally published Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 07:35p.m.

KINGMAN – One-hundred wonderful years Alphia Dunlop has been on Earth.

Friends and family of Dunlop celebrated this milestone with her at the Kathryn Heidenrich Adult Center Friday afternoon with cake, ice cream and gifts, although her birthday wasn’t until Saturday, Aug. 10.

Many of her friends describe her as outgoing, loving, active, inspiring and funny.

When asked what she did to live 100 years, she said, eating and sleeping.

She has lived in Arizona for 17 years. She was a volunteer at Kingman Regional Medical Center and Mohave Museum of History and Arts. She is an avid bingo player and loves tomatoes.

Local businesses came by and wished her a happy birthday and left her with a few gifts. Businesses like IHOP, Dunkin Donuts, True Value, Anderson Ford, Chili’s and Menchies stopped by to give her gift cards, flowers and a birthday hug.

She also received a card from Mayor Jen Miles and a visit from a Kingman Police Department officer.