Originally published Monday, July 2, 2018 at 05:50a.m.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office and Kingman Police Department reported the following arrests for the week of June 29:

Drug possession, sales

During a traffic stop on June 22 involving a black SUV with a broken tail light, Mohave County Sheriff’s Office deputies approached the vehicle to make contact with the driver. The driver was identified as Christopher Reuben Schilenz, 24, of Kingman and the front passenger as William Dexter Bledsoe Tennison, 19, of Golden Valley.

As approaching the vehicle, deputies were able to smell an odor of marijuana. A records check revealed Schlienz’s license to be suspended. Deputies asked about the marijuana odor and Schlienz advised deputies that he was in possession of marijuana wax.

A search of Schilenz wallet revealed bundles of cash totaling in $500 and a medical marijuana card. When deputies asked if there were any illegal substances in the vehicle, Schilenz advised there was marijuana wax and THC oil in syringes.

A search on the vechile revealed 31 grams of marijuana, THC oil in a syringe, 8.7 grams of marijuana wax, and drug paraphernalia in the center console.

A backpack was located on the passenger floor was searched to reveal about 10 grams of marijuana, 17.4 grams of marijuana wax, two syringes with THC oil, a scale, and other drug paraphernalia.

Christopher Reuben Schlienz was arrested for the following felonies: marijuana possession, marijuana possession for sale, narcotic drug possession, narcotic drug possession for sale, and drug paraphernalia violation.

William Dexter Bledsoe Tennison was arrested for marijuana possession for sale, and narcotic drug possession for sale.

Both subjects were booked into Mohave County Jail on the above charges.

Aggravated assault

Rhonda Renne Navarro, 39, was arrested June 22 for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault on a police officer, both felonies.

Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a home in the 2800 block of John L Avenue and noticed a man standing outside holding a cloth to his mouth.

A woman, identified as Navarro, was standing in the doorway yelling at the man. He told deputies that she had been drinking, and when he tried to leave, she threw a bottle at him, hitting him in the mouth and causing a laceration. Deputies saw the glass bottle on the ground.

Navarro continued to yell and curse at the victim and came toward him in the presence of deputies, who told her several times to sit down while they filled out a report. She failed to comply and was arrested.

During transport to the jail, deputies reported she kicked the roof and partition of the sheriff’s vehicle and spit on a deputy’s arm.


Michael Andrew Shepherd and Ashley Dawn Sowards

Aggravated assault, resisting arrest

Michael Andrew Shepherd, 31, and Ashley Dawn Sowards, 22, both of Golden Valley, were arrested June 23 for aggravated assault, resisting arrest and unlawful flight from law enforcement, all felonies.

Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence in the 4500 block of Stewart Mountain Road for a welfare check after it was reported that a man and woman were arguing.

Deputies reported they saw Shepherd and Sowards leave the home and run toward a truck on the property. When a deputy approached the truck, Shepherd put it in reverse and almost hit the deputy, who had to jump out of the way. Shepherd also had to swerve to avoid hitting a deputy’s vehicle.

A pursuit ensued at fast speeds down several dirt roads, and during the pursuit, Shepherd reportedly pushed a tire and rim into the path of the deputy’s vehicle. They lost sight of him for a while, but saw dust in the open desert along Highway 68 and found his truck stuck in barbed wire with a flat tire.

Shepherd and Sowards ran into the desert. Deputies set up a perimeter and called in a Department of Public Safety helicopter for an aerial sweep, along with the Sheriff’s K-9 unit for tracking.

When the suspects were found, Shepherd put Sowards in front of his body to shield himself from tasers, and then the pair ran in different directions before eventually being caught and detained.

Shepherd said he needed to protect Sowards, who had an active warrant for her arrest. Both subjects were booked into Mohave County Jail on the above charges.


Nelson Guzman-Zepeda

Aggravated assault with firearm

Nelson Guzman-Zepeda, 23, of Washington City, Utah, was arrested June 23 for aggravated assault following a fight at a wedding in Littlefield.

Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene at 970 Peppermill Blvd. in reference to a shooting. Witnesses said a fight broke out between guests at the wedding, and one man was shot in the chest.

He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Witness statements led deputies to Guzman-Zepeda, who was interviewed and arrested for warrants out of Washing County. They issued a temporary warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and are awaiting extradition. The investigation is ongoing.


Jessica Gabriel Valenzuela

DUI, aggravated assault

A bystander reporting a disturbance led to Jessica Gabriel Valenzuela, 20, of Golden Valley to be arrested for a DUI Tuesday night.

The caller reported a male and female fighting inside of a vehicle parked outside a business on the 5200 block of Highway 68.

Before Mohave County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived to the scene, the reporting party advised deputies the vehicle had left and was heading toward Kingman.

Deputies say they located the vehicle by matching the description, and it was traveling over the speed limit.

A traffic stop was conducted, deputies approached the driver’s side of the vehicle and got a whiff of strong smelling alcohol.

Valenzuela was identified to be the driver of the vehicle. Deputies observed two male passengers, a female passenger and a baby.

Deputies asked Valenzuela to step out of the vehicle, and reported she had trouble doing so and needed to use the door for support.

Valenzuela allegedly advised deputies she had three beers after she was asked if she had been drinking.

A records check found an invalid license for Valenzuela, and the male passengers had active arrest warrants.

Deputies conducted a vehicle search and reportedly found marijuana wax and assorted drug paraphernalia.

Deputies say they were trying to restrain Valenzuela, she began to pull away and kick deputies, getting one in the knee.

She was finally restrained and a breath test was conducted to reveal a BAC of .168.

She was charged with aggravated assault on an officer, resisting arrest, narcotic drug possession, drug paraphernalia violation, endangerment, aggravated DUI, and aggravated DUI with a minor under 15.

Valenzuela was booked into Mohave County jail on the above charges.

Dangerous drugs

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office says during a traffic stop after pulling over a vehicle traveling east on Devlin Avenue, they identified Derek Linden Owens, 33, of Kingman, as the driver.

Deputies made contact with Owens who appeared to be extremely nervous and talking very fast.

Deputies reported Owens was asked to step out of the car, and he gave consent to deputies to search the vehicle. During the search, deputies allegedly found a baggie containing approximately 11 grams of methamphetamine and a notebook that appeared to look like a drug transaction ledger.

Owens was arrested for dangerous drug possession, dangerous drug possession for sale, and dangerous drug transportation. He was booked into Mohave County jail without incident.


Cheryl Schackenberg


Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies conducted a traffic stop at midnight Thursday on Northern Avenue involving a truck with broken tail light and swerving outside of the designated lane several times.

Deputies pulled over the vehicle to find Cheryl Schackenberg, 48, of Kingman, as the driver accompanied by three male passengers and a 9-year-old boy.

Deputies report they detected an odor of alcohol coming from Schackenberg and asked her to step out of the vehicle. When asked if she had been drinking she claimed to have had “a couple of beers” a few hours prior.

MCSO says Field Sobriety Tests were conducted, indications of Schackenberg being intoxicated were observed and the breath test revealed a BAC of .175.

Schackenberg was arrested for three counts of DUI and one count of aggravated DUI with a passenger under 15. She was booked into Mohave County jail without incident.


Ronald Reed Wright

Aggravated assault, resisting arrest

Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Ronald Reed Wright, 57, of Kingman Thursday on the 3900 block of Ryan when the reporting party claimed that he and Wright were having a dispute and at the time Wright pulled out a black handgun from a backpack.

Deputies arrived at the scene and observed Wright in the front year of the residence. Deputies gave verbal command to Wright to show his hands but Wright took off running.

He was then located a short time later after hiding behind a trailer. When deputies found him, they gave verbal commands to show his hands. At that moment Wright allegedly began reaching into his waistband.

Deputies then took charge and went hands on with Wright to prevent him from grabbing the weapon and was taken into custody.

A black handgun was found behind a washing machine on the property and the serial number on the weapon appeared to be defaced.

While deputies were talking to the victims, Wright sent the deputies on a foot chase as he took off from the scene.

He was then detained at a nearby property and immediately transported to the Mohave County Jail.

In jail, Wright allegedly became combative with the detention officers by attempting to turn and punch the escorting officers.

A records check revealed Wright had previous felony convictions which made him a prohibited weapons possessor.

He was arrested for endangerment, two counts of aggravated assault against correctional employees, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, escape second degree, three counts of resisting arrest, possession of a weapon by a prohibited person, and possession of a defaced weapon.

Wright was booked into Mohave County Jail on the above charges.