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Hualapai Mountain just barely missed having a national astronomical observatory

The year is 1956. The National Science Foundation is in search of another peak to place a National Astronomical Observatory. An aerial reconnaissance produced 150 possible sites, which was later narrowed down to five, and then two.

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Women Making History: Some of Kingman’s finest are being awarded for their contributions to the community

The Women Making History project honors women in a wide variety of areas.

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Fay Logsdon’s impact on the local education system should not be forgotten

Logsdon was born in 1907 in the Arizona Territory town of Prescott.

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Column | Dismantling the domination of deterrence theory

Deterrence theory became widely popular in the 1970s, and it has had an enormous impact on contemporary crime control policies, particularly in the U.S.

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State Sen. Steve Farley is in the gubernatorial race

“I’m an insider who is like a mole for the citizens,” Farley said. “I want people to take advantage of that.”

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Column | Art brings a community together and creates icons

The installation of public art is almost always controversial.

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Column | Feds’ attitude toward pot should go up in smoke

Drugs, substances, and certain chemicals used to make drugs are classified into five distinct categories or schedules depending upon the drug’s acceptable medical use and the drug’s abuse or dependency potential.

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Gubernatorial candidate highlights education, health care

Gubernatorial candidate Garcia’s background is a familiar one.

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Understanding where the family came from can help ground those who feel lost

Finding your roots

Discovery is what leads people to the Mohave County Genealogical Society.

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A step back in time, a chance to see early life in Kingman

Who were the Bonellis?

It’s a rather unassuming home on the corner of Spring and Fifth streets, the stone facade a stark contrast to the white picket fence, yet the Bonelli House holds a key to early life in Kingman.

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