Originally published Wednesday, September 11, 2019 at 07:25p.m.

KINGMAN – St. Vincent de Paul provides a plethora of services to those in need around the world, and here in Kingman, local volunteers are calling on the community to help them help others.

Cora Culver and Matt Delong, two volunteers from the nonprofit organization located at 218 Beale St., said they have great, caring people helping out whenever they can. But in a city like Kingman, where Culver and Delong say the need for services is so great, so is the need for additional volunteers.

“This is a great and giving community, and the need is so great here, too,” Delong said. “It’s good that we have so many people that are willing to give.”

There are a number of arenas in which St. Vincent de Paul could use some extra pairs of hands. Additional assistance is needed for client services, the sorting room, the warehouse, and for home visits and delivering furniture. Client services includes helping people pay utilities, which is also where home visits come into play. The sorting room is where donations are sorted, while the warehouse is where furniture and larger items are kept. The latter can require heavy lifting.

“Just about every position we need people for,” Delong said. “We need sorters, we need people to help at client services, go do home visits, and deliver furniture and pick up furniture.”

Any amount of volunteered time is appreciated at St. Vincent de Paul, and no experience is necessary.

“They don’t really have to have any experience in anything because they’ll get one-on-one training, especially for client services,” Culver said. “Any field of expertise or no expertise at all, we’ll train anyone who’s willing to give us time.”

Culver has been volunteering with St. Vincent de Paul for 17 years. She has always tried to volunteer somewhere, and after learning more about the nonprofit through her initial involvement, decided it was the place for her to give back to the community. Delong has been there four years, and said he likes to “tithe with his time.”

“Just come down,” he told people thinking of volunteering. “I didn’t think I’d still be there four years later. I’m just amazed. We’re like a tight little family down there.”

And if you ask Culver, the work done by the St. Vincent de Paul volunteer family is all thanks to the donations from and generosity of the community.

“It’s thanks to the community because the donations come in, we sell them, we get the money and we give it all back to (the community) because we’re all volunteers,” she said. “It’s just a beautiful circle.”

To learn how to get involved, head to St. Vincent de Paul on Beale Street or call 928-753-4399.