Originally published Monday, September 9, 2019 at 07:30p.m.

KINGMAN – The Friends of Mohave County Animal Shelter and Help Animals Lives Today stopped by the Mohave Community College Neal Campus Friday, Sept. 6 to spread some love and find forever homes for animals.

MCC held a “Pawsitive Therapy” session for staff Friday. Pawsitive Therapy was organized by Chief of Student Services Ana Masterson, who liked the idea of offering a fun event for staff while at the same time helping local animals in need.

“Animals can bring quality to people’s lives, benefiting them physically and mentally,” Masterson said. “The event was a win-win in that it destressed, re-energized and relaxed staff while helping puppies and dogs for adoption get individualized and group attention and possibly be adopted.”

Three puppies, a 5-year-old German shepherd and Scooby from HALT found forever homes.

“The dogs enjoyed hanging out on the lawn under the trees, getting walked, patted and overall loved on,” said shelter volunteer Lynn Kannianen.

Masterston said is considering holding similar events in the future.

Research shows that humans benefit from animals physically, mentally and emotionally. Masterson cited enhanced social skills and improved health, including “potentially lowering [the risk of] cardiovascular disease.”


To learn more about Friends of Mohave County Animal Shelter, visit friendsofmcas.org.

To learn more about Help Animals Lives Today, visit haltaz.net.