Originally published Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 04:35p.m.

Marie “Jeanette” Jakubowski was all smiles Wednesday, Oct. 30 as she celebrated her 103rd birthday at the Lingenfelter Center, 1099 Sunrise Ave.

“Jeanette is a spirited resident that gives special meaning to all that we do by bringing smiles to our faces on a daily basis,” said Stephanie Cobanovich, Lingenfelter Center assistant administrator. “It is not every day we get the privilege of caring for a resident that is 103 years old in our facility... It was heartwarming to see the smile on her face and the interactions between Jeanette, the firefighters and fire academy students. Our staff was truly touched by the encounter.”


Kingman firefighters and fire academy students helped "Jeanette" celebrate her 103rd birthday on Wednesday afternoon at the Lingenfelter Center. (Photo by Beau Bearden/Daily Miner)

Jakubowski was born in Bronson, Michigan and has a daughter and five grandchildren. She enjoys crocheting and knitting and her family would say, “She curses like a sailor.”