Originally published Saturday, November 30, 2019 at 07:38p.m.

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Excessive barking could cost dog owners $250 – Called Neighborhood Services about barking dogs. They came out. Nothing has been done. Read the article in the Wednesday paper. They want you to contact the neighbors. It’s not my job.

Michael Reagan: Making a sham of impeachment – All the previous incidents Reagan expounds upon do not involve a sitting American government asking a foreign nation to get dirt on a political rival. Why do conservatives not understand this?

Water woes – I’m happy our City Council is supporting Bullhead and Lake Havasu with their water concerns. But what are they doing about our own water concerns. Please tell me they have put a stop to any drilling by these farms until after we receive the water report.

Mohave County draws a line in the sand – Hooray for the Board of Supervisors! You have finally done something good. Stay with it and get the job done. Let this not be just “lip service” and “headline grabbing.”

Traffic calming – If you can’t use speed bumps to fill potholes, can you use local politicians!

White House Christmas tree delivered – Never seen the White House decorations more beautiful than under Melania Trump. Her knack for dressing includes dressing trees. First year, the national press totally put them down to be mean. Let’s hope the press has grown up a bit.

I would appreciate it if the city would fill the pothole at the end of Legacy where Legacy intersects with Willow.

Thanks to the Garlic Clove Restaurant, the Grand Events Center and the volunteers for the free and delicious Thanksgiving dinner.