Originally published Tuesday, June 11, 2019 at 07:36p.m.

KINGMAN – Starting next month, all the recording fees at the Mohave County Recorder’s Office will change. Beginning July 1, the recorders offices across the state will switch to a $30 flat fee per document. That means more clarity and savings when recording some documents, but a significant increase for other services.

The Mohave County Recorder Kristi Blair believes the change will clarify the actual cost of recording documents for people who complain because of hidden fees – depending on the number of pages or if there was an affidavit needed. From now on, the price will be fixed. But for some documents, like for example a simple death certificate, the increase will be significant.

The new price reflects all the time and work the recorder’s office put into recoding documents and will be kept on the same level everywhere in Arizona.

“This way, you know how much you pay when you come in the door,” Blair said. She added that the long-awaited change was driven by the land title industry.

The new fee does not affect the fees for recording maps and plats, which will remain the same. Filing of military discharges will continue to be recorded at no cost to veterans. When it comes to copies, the recorder’s office will still charge $1 per page.

The following fees have been eliminated: $15 for each deed that transfers, conveys or affects property interests, $25 for each deed of trust or mortgage, $10 for each release of a deed of trust or mortgage, $5 for recording an affidavit of annual work or claim maintenance fee, $1 fee for delivering an instrument by mail, fees related to indexing, and fees for the first assignment, release, or partial assignment or release of any instrument.

For questions, contact recorderhelp@mohavecounty.us or call 928-753-0701.