Originally published Sunday, January 20, 2019 at 07:30p.m.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office and Kingman Police Department reported the following arrests for the week of Jan. 18:


Steven Allan Davis

Drug, weapon possession

Steven Allan Davis, 34 of Kingman, was charged with narcotic drug possession, narcotic drug possession for sale, possession of a weapon in use of a drug offense and possession of a weapon by a prohibited person, all felonies.

At approximately 2 p.m. Monday, Jan. 14 Mohave County Sheriff’s Office deputies observed a black SUV traveling north on Van Nuys Road. A records check revealed the vehicle to have a mandatory insurance suspension.

Deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop but the vehicle made an abrupt turn into a parking lot. A nearby deputy was able to position his vehicle at the exit of the parking lot cutting off the vehicle and forcing it to stop.

Deputies approached the vehicle and observed a female driver and male passenger. The male passenger allegedly began reaching under the seat and deputies drew their weapons, and gave verbal commands for the passenger to show his hands and complied.

Deputies opened the vehicle doors and could see drug paraphernalia items on the passenger floor board. The male subject was detained and a search of the passenger seat revealed a 9 mm handgun with a round loaded in the chamber under the seat.

A further search revealed a black duffel bag in the back seat which contained 3 grams of heroin, six syringes loaded with heroin, a scale, baggies and a men’s items, which led to deputies to believe the bag belonged to Davis.

A records check revealed Davis to have prior felony convictions, making him a prohibited possessor. The female driver denied knowing the drugs, gun or paraphernalia items were inside the vehicle.

Steven Allan Davis was arrested and booked into Mohave County Jail without incident.


Jorge Dominguez

Disorderly conduct, resisting arrest

Jorge Dominguez, 34 of Littlefield, was arrested on charges of four counts of disorderly conduct involving weapons, revisiting arrest, criminal damage, all felonies and one count of misdemeanor endangerment.

At approximately 11:50 p.m. Sunday, Jan.13, Mohave County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a residence in the 100 block of Fairview Drive in Littlefield.

The call was in reference to a weapons offense. The reporting party advised deputies that a male subject was shooting a rifle into the air.

Upon arrival, deputies searched the neighborhood and observed a male subject in the driveway of a residence holding a rifle.

The rifle was pointed in the air and appeared to deputies that the male subject was dancing while holding the weapon. Deputies recognized the male subject as Jorge Dominguez from prior contacts.

Deputies gave verbal commands for Dominguez to walk toward them, which he refused, continuing to curse at deputies and yell that he was on his private property.

A Department of Public Safety Trooper arrived on scene to assists MCSO deputies and began issuing verbal commands for Dominguez to walk toward them.

Several verbal commands were ignored by Dominguez, all while remaining within 10-15 feet of the rifle on the ground. Deputies attempted to deploy their taser but it was unsuccessful due to the clothing worn by Dominguez.

After several minutes Dominguez followed commands to lay on the ground and was placed in restraints.

While walking to the deputy’s vehicle Dominguez allegedly attempted to pull away and refused to get in the vehicle. He became combative and attempted to strike deputies with his knees.

Deputies deployed their taser and were able to place Dominguez inside the vehicle. Once inside the vehicle Dominguez allegedly began kicking at the door and window of the deputy’s vehicle causing the back door frame to bend.

Deputies inspected the weapon and observed .22 long rifle with several live rounds in the magazine. A safety sweep of the residence was conducted and deputes located two young children inside the home.

Attempts to contact family members were make as Dominguez allegedly refused to give contact information. The children were fed and eventually transferred into the custody of a family member.

Deputies transported Jorge Dominguez to the Mesquite City Jail where he allegedly became uncooperative and refused to walk into the facility and was carried into the jail by multiple staff members.