Originally published Friday, January 11, 2019 at 02:45p.m.

I must admit, I have not seen the country as divided as we are now. Seems that everyone feels the need to "take a side." Doesn't matter whether you are for or against, we are divided none the less.

As I scroll through the new posts on my Facebook, it seems I am deleting more and more of them every day. I have no desire to become a spokesperson, or get into a dialogue about politics or religion. I believe those are probably the most debatable topics.

Social media is often THE place people go to give their opinions on things. Perhaps the feeling of reaching so many people at once has become an attraction of sorts. Personally, I debate quite enough right here at home with my sister.

We are very different in many ways, for starters. Lately, I find that she has become quite vocal about the world news. I think I kind of liked it when she spent most of her television time watching reality shows.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That is true. However, when is it time to keep it to yourself, and when should you speak out to anyone who will listen? We all have issues we feel strongly about. I believe we all have the right to voice those opinions, at the proper time and place.

There is often a thin line between a discussion and an argument. Who really wants to spend their day defending their position on "the wall?" It is certainly NOT something we as private citizens can control, but we must leave it to those persons we put into office. Like it or not, that is their job and not ours.

No matter how unjust we may think something is, we have to find a way to put it in proper perspective. "Pick your battles" in a sense. Push for changes that matter to you most. When the dust settles, and we have all moved on to another crisis, you have wasted much time and energy that could have been better spent. Balance should be important to us all.

We should never neglect our family or friends for the sake of politics. Many longtime friendships can go down the toilet over "which side" you are on. People seem to become angry a lot faster than in the past. No one wants you to bury your head in the sand and not speak out for what you believe to be unjust. We need to temper that with an open mind and patience with others.

We are all in the same race. Remember? We call it the human race.