Originally published Friday, January 11, 2019 at 04:30p.m.

KINGMAN – The City of Kingman wants to remind businesses within the city limits that the Model City Tax Code was amended to reflect a 1 percent decrease in the sales and use tax charged to consumers on Jan. 1.

Every business was notified in December by the City’s finance department of the changes taking place the beginning of this year.

Retail purchases (such as televisions, clothing, and tools) should be taxed at a total tax rate of 8.35 percent. Restaurant and bar purchases should be taxed at a total tax rate of 9.35 percent. Hotel occupancy tax should be at a rate of 12.28 percent.

If anyone notices an incorrect tax rate being charged on their receipt, they should advise the store’s manager and/or contact the City’s finance department at 928-753-5561, option 1, option 2. A member of the finance team will contact the business and notify them of the rate change. The City of Kingman is not responsible for a business overcharging tax rates. The City will make direct contact with the business and report the incident to the Arizona Department of Revenue.

The City of Kingman, Department of Revenue, and the Internal Revenue Service are not responsible for reimbursing consumers for overpaid sales tax. The business collects the tax from the consumer and is, therefore, responsible for reimbursing the tax to the consumer. In all cases, the consumer should seek reimbursement from the business directly.

Information provided by City of Kingman