Originally published Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 07:30p.m.

KINGMAN – Another substation for Kingman should mean more reliability when it comes to power.

Wednesday’s Mohave Republican Forum meeting hosted guest speaker June Deering, UniSource Energy Services engineering director.

Deering said the energy service company is building more substations to provide more reliability for customers in Kingman. One of the substations being built is near the airport.

“We’ll have more capacity available for the customers out there,” Deering said.

She said from El Trovatore Hill through downtown they are re-conducting, which will provide another path to follow electricity in case something like an outage happens.

In Chloride, there is a new substation and UniSource has converted the town to another voltage level and is more reliable. Deering said another substation is being built in the east side of town and should be completed around October or November.

Kingman gets its power from Western Area Power Administration and the power flows to four transmission substations, two in Lake Havasu City and two in Kingman.

From the transmission substations, power is distributed to 11 substations in Lake Havasu City and 21 in Kingman, and from those power is distributed to homes and buildings.