Originally published Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 07:25p.m.

LAKE HAVASU CITY – In recent years, online piracy has been seen as a growing form of theft by movie audiences. But according to the Lake Havasu City Police Department, some people are still willing to steal movies the old-fashioned way.

Mohave County prosecutors filed charges Dec. 31 against a Lake Havasu City woman accused of stealing more than $3,000 in video discs and video games intended for video rental vending machines in Havasu. According to police, the theft occurred in May 2018 at a Lake Havasu Avenue UPS Store, where a woman later identified as Camille Vredenburg, 37, allegedly accessed a pile of packages behind her P.O. Box at the location.

Vredenburg was identified with video surveillance footage at the location, police said, and an unidentified Caucasian male allegedly aided her in the theft. A warrant was issued for Vredenburg’s arrest within a week of the theft, but her whereabouts were unknown until last month.

On Dec. 11, Lake Havasu City Police dispatchers were notified of Vredenburg’s arrest in San Bernardino County, in reference to her warrant.