Originally published Thursday, January 10, 2019 at 04:41p.m.

Grocery prices are outrageous and gas is selling here for almost 70 cents more than anywhere else in the country, except for California. I use a lot of lemons due to kidney stone problems (Kingman’s water causes kidney stones), however I cannot afford the prices of lemons at the local stores. I can get them for half price if I buy them elsewhere. That is just one example of our outrageous grocery prices.

I am a crafter. I spend my days crafting, but there is not a craft store in this town where I can go buy what I need. We don’t do much going out to eat in town either.

When we were looking for luggage and new clothes for our summer vacation, we had to go to Havasu to buy the luggage because, once again, there wasn’t anything we liked available in town. We also bought some of our vacation clothes in Havasu.

Bottom line: If you want people to buy in town, prices need to be affordable and the stores need to carry items that people actually want and need.