Originally published Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 07:28p.m.

Doug Ducey wanted to raise taxes on the citizens of Arizona. To raise taxes he had a few problems to solve. He was up for reelection and couldn’t raise taxes and still get elected. So how does he solve this problem? Don’t raise taxes before the election, but wait until after. If anyone asks just lie and tell them you won’t raise taxes. That should work.

Now for the second problem. That the 1992 law was passed whereby any new taxes have to be approved by two-thirds of the lawmakers. He knows this would never happen. What if he calls it a fee instead of a tax? That might work. He can have lawmakers allow John Halikowski, ADOT director, to institute a fee to fund the Highway Patrol. This requires only a simply majority and not two-thirds of the lawmakers.

Not only was Mr. Halikowski given approval to set up the fee, but he was told to allocate however much money he needed, plus add on an additional 10 percent. Basically, a blank check with no oversight.

Now everything is in place. The governor can lie to the people and say he will not raise taxes, and technically he won’t be lying.

Do we want a governor that doesn’t keep his promises? Do we want a governor who doesn’t obey the state constitution he took an oath to obey (another lie)? I think not.

We need a governor who works for the people and the betterment of their well-being. We don’t need someone who dreams up ways to circumvent what the people want. He doesn’t understand he works for us and not us for him. It’s too bad we have to put up with four years with him as governor.

I wish we could remove him from office. I will never vote for Doug Ducey. He can’t be trusted.