Originally published Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 07:29p.m.

This viewpoint is addressed to those of you who are of the Catholic faith.

Another sexual child abuse report has hit the news, and yet again, it involves Catholic priests doing horrible deeds and the leaders of the Church trying to cover it up.

These newest reports came from the Attorney General of Illinois, Lisa Madigan. Her report involves 500 clergy committing thousands of criminal sex acts on children. As you should remember, criminal charges were brought against Catholic priests in Pennsylvania a short time ago. There were over 300 priests in that case.

Criminal acts of sexual abuse have taken place in other countries as well. Authorities in Australia, Germany and France have reportedly brought charges against Catholic priests.

These are not criminal acts that you should turn your back on and walk away pretending they aren’t happening. These are children being sexually abused by religious people! People the children once trusted.

Here’s the really bad part. These sex crimes are being covered up by religious leaders. The cover-ups have become the “norm” among the Catholic leaders; all the way up to the Pope.

Pope Benedict, remember him? He attempted to cover up sexual abuses by sending out a letter to the bishops involved in the cover-ups to put a lid on it. When that didn’t work, Benedict resigned. Only one other pope in the history of the Catholic Church has resigned. When Francis took over, nothing changed. He recently had a meeting with the Bishops Counsel, but nothing came of it. Business as usual.

So, what we have here is thousands of children continuing to be sexually abused by immoral criminals claiming to be religious and the corrupt leaders of the Catholic Church lying to the authorities about it.

This isn’t a movie script. This is really happening. The Daily Miner newspaper printed an article by the Associated Press on Friday, Dec. 21, page 5A. Read it.

After you have read the many reports on sexual child abuse, I have a few questions for you. Why do you still give them money? Why don’t you switch to another faith and still have the opportunity to worship your same God? Given the immensity of abuses and corruptions, do you still trust your child to be alone with a religious person?

By the looks of it, criminal sexual abuse cases by priests will continue to surface and so will the cover-ups and back peddling of the Catholic Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Catholic, haven’t you had enough?