Originally published Monday, February 11, 2019 at 07:29p.m.

KINGMAN – The Kingman Route 66 Rotary Club hosted Yanick Hicks, a motivational public speaker with The John Maxwell Team. Hicks spoke of the characteristics of a good leader and how communities can obtain them.

Hicks was a guest speaker during the Feb. 8 meeting.

Hicks said there are three characteristics that make a good leader: being humble, not being a sovereign leader and producing other leaders.

“Leaders are always looking for a way to add value to their people,” Hicks said.

What makes a humble leader would be putting the people’s agenda ahead of their own, he said.

But getting those leaders requires effort.

Hicks said getting those leaders require training from those who are leadership positions and depend on the training future leaders are given. Leaders must be reproductive by influencing other people who want to be leaders.

Employers can be great leaders by motiving those around them.

“Being a good role model, being motivated, being able to motivate your people in a positive way,” he said were steps toward greatness in leading people.

Advice Hicks would give employers is to help motivate their employees through adding value to “small steps of progress” and acknowledging effort.

“Leadership is not about a title or position,” Hicks said. “It’s about influence.”