Originally published Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 07:28p.m.

KINGMAN – Kingman Middle School National Junior Honor Society spearheaded a penny war to raise funds for Western Arizona Humane Society.

Students donated 150 blankets, 145 bags of cat litter, 90 leashes and collars, 12 cans of kitten formula, 16 bowls, four brooms, three dustpans, 98 toys, 1 litter box, office supplies and bags of food.


Here are some of the pennies and change that students accumulated from a penny war at Kingman Middle School. (Courtesy photo)

The penny war lasted about three weeks and brought in over $750 to go toward WAHS. This was the first time NJHS did a penny war for WAHS.

In order to gain points, students had the option of bringing in pennies or supplies. Students could also bring in quarters, dimes, nickels and dollars to give negative points to other teachers.

“The teachers really got into it. They were very supportive as well as the students and everyone was donating and participating,” said Lisa Nikodym, KMS assistant principal, in an email.

Every week students brought in more items to gain points and at the end of it all, Ms. Tapley’s class came on top with 131,000 points.

The school delivered a car full of supplies to WAHS, and the staff at the shelter couldn’t be more grateful.

“The humane society was very grateful and excited,” Nikodym said. “The biggest (joy) for me was to watch the pride students took in this and how excited they were to help the humane society as they strive to help the animals in Kingman.”