Originally published Saturday, February 9, 2019 at 07:27p.m.

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Thanks to Mr. Robinson: For pursuing the truth on the Lingenfelter Recall. The City mishandled this process badly. Why can’t we have a time extension, and where can we go to sign the petition?

U. S. announces Chinese tourism birth crackdown: Hooray! It’s about time. Trump must be Making America Great Again because the whole world is trying to sneak into our country. Another month of new jobs; stock market soaring.

Putin issues ominous warnings on rising nuclear war threat: And the U.S. under the current administration is walking right into this scenario. Forgiveness of sanctions anyone?

Heart disease: Keep in mind that when they use the word “adult” it covers everyone between 18 and 80. Not the best way to determine a healthy heart. Test results identify with child or adult, which is far too broad.

Monkey-ing around at the Berlin Zoo: Guess she was not as committed to her man gorilla as was thought. Where there is a will, there is a way. And the lady gorilla did stray.

Rule of law, for everyone: I guess that does not include local politicians who drive 90 miles per hour and claim they “are exempt from the driving laws of this state.” No double standard here, right?

Measles: I am a bit confused about this whole measles thing. If the vaccine is working, how do vaccinated kids still catch it from the ones who are not vaccinated? Just wondering.

Fence/Barrier: Drive around your town. Most homes have a fence/barrier at least in the backyard. It defines their property and acts as a deterrent for those who want to make a shortcut across your yard or lurk about your backdoor.

Climate change remains a threat at home: No such thing as man-made climate change; garbage from the left. Climate is always changing – that’s the way God made it. What could humans possibly do, say, to make the climate either warmer or colder? Absolutely nothing.

City Clerk and City Attorney, incompetent or corrupt? City clerk and City attorney for the third time failed to implement correct statues regarding elections referendums and signatures. Whether not able to interpret the law or influenced by a council member desiring a certain outcome either way is unacceptable.

Vehicle registration fees: What a bargain. How can I get those wonderfully low fees here in California? I pay $168 per year each, for 2 vehicles. One is 20, and one is 25 years old. Quit complaining, you have it easy!

Chinese tourism/birthing crackdown: Interesting that they “cracked down” on tourism/birthing involving the Chinese. Those from different areas of Mexico have been doing it for 50 years!

Counting the homeless: The homeless “do” count and need this county and state to step up. Way more affordable housing is needed. You may call it, “From homeless to a home.” Each case is separate and should be handled that way.

Have some compassion towards the patients, please: Mr. Barrows. I sympathize with you health problem, but why do you blame “liberals?” Liberals are the ones who are trying to give Americans universal health care. Sounds like you are watching too much Fox “news” on your TV.

Collectivism never dies: If government provided health care isn’t progress, can you please explain what the opposite would be? Show some compassion for the less fortunate.

Flagstaff shooting: Flagstaff kills man with knives. I am still waiting for all those non-lethal alternatives that were developed for police departments years ago. Any news on those?

Letter | Have some compassion toward the patients, please: Kenny, if you think your problem is being caused by liberals, then you need a reality check.

President Trump never caved: He put the pressure on Congress. If there is another shutdown, hopefully America will realize that Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats hate Trump more than they care about America. Build the wall.

Trump vs. the spy chiefs: Who’s right? If Trump had an iota of sense when it comes to military expertise we could trust him. However, he has never had a clear thought in his draft-dodging head.

State school chief wants to repeal ‘no promo homo’ ban: Schools need to teach the three Rs. Let the parents deal with other problems. Sorry that a lot of today’s parents are semi-literate, but it is what it is. Teachers are not baby sitters.

Election Day drop off: Another attempt at voter suppression! We took an elderly disabled vet to the polls who had misplaced his ballot and wanted his vote counted. He cast his vote. These are the real folks who will be hurt by this bill.