Originally published Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 10:08p.m.

KINGMAN – She has lived for 36,526 days; 5,218 weeks; 1,200 months; 100 years. Kingmanite Helen Dorothy Cardeccia celebrated her 100th birthday among friends and family Thursday at the Kathryn Heidenreich Adult Center.

Not everyone gets to live to be 100 years old and Dorothy certainly didn’t think she’d reach her centennial.

“I never dreamed I’d live this long,” she said.

Dorothy was born in New Jersey then relocated to Big Beaver, Michigan when she was 2 years old. After completing high school she attended Highland Park Hospital School of Nursing and graduated as a registered nurse.

In 1940, she married Peter Cardeccia and had two children, DeeAnna and Peter. Dorothy said after losing her husband after 63 years of marriage it hasn’t been easy.

After Peter’s passing, she relocated to Kingman in 2003 where she has made many friends. She is a regular attendee at the Kathryn Heidenreich Adult Center on Thursdays for the jam sessions.

Although her age and health has put restraints on the things she is able to do, she is always up for a dance. As a teenager she fell in love with dance, especially the waltz.

“I’ve danced all my life. I just love it,” Dorothy said.

Getting to witness 100 years of history and changes in the world, one of the most memorable experiences for her was the invention of the television and the progress throughout the years.