Originally published Monday, December 2, 2019 at 03:00p.m.

KINGMAN – Economic Development Advisory commissioners recently got together with Tourism Services Manager Josh Noble and Gary Kellogg from economic development for a chat on how to make the Powerhouse Visitor Center even better.

Commissioners Steve Lesueur and Jim Hinckley contributed to the discussion, which saw a number of items addressed that could help the Powerhouse thrive.

The first effort is to increase the amount of local product sold at the visitor center. Noble explained that with enough business participation, the Powerhouse could have a Kingman-made section in the gift shop.

The City reached out to local businesses, and is moving forward with two new vendors. An additional one or two may be on the way, and the program could expand further in the future, Noble said.

The City is also looking into having an interactive kiosk at the Powerhouse.

Visit Widget, with about 120 clients in the U.S. including Yuma, is currently being eyed by staff. Noble said Visit Widget kiosks also allow travelers to build itineraries.

And while the Tourism Department has ways to track visitors, another suggestion was to use a subscription service to get more accurate counts during high-traffic and low-traffic times to see how those numbers correlate to visitor spending.

Kingman is also looking at how to attract motor coaches to downtown businesses. Most of those vehicles park at the Powerhouse, so the City needs to identify other downtown locations where they can park. The other aspect of that discussion is getting people parked at the Powerhouse to head to other parts of downtown.