Originally published Thursday, April 4, 2019 at 07:24p.m.

KINGMAN – It takes a little bit of hope and a whole community of support to open a business and keep it operating.

Almost exactly one year ago to the date, the first resident arrived at Hope Haven Assisted Living Home, 2615 Chambers Ave. On Wednesday, April 3, the staff, residents and family all celebrated the day owner Crystal Finch Brown cut the ribbon to open her very own assisted living center.

“I love it. I can’t wait for us to continue to grow and to reach out to the community in other ways,” Brown said. “It has been a blessing. I feel like God handpicked my first seven residents when we opened because they’re families just helped in so many ways in bringing us stuff and praying for us and just always volunteering to help in any way.

“He has blessed our path every step of the way.”

It has been a year full of difficulties and rewards, but Brown couldn’t be happier or feel more blessed. The most difficult thing for Brown is simply keeping all of her residents happy, especially when it comes to food. Everyone has different tastes and that can be hard, but Brown said they will always enjoy and love homemade sweets.

Brown said even with the difficult days, the fact she is providing her residents with the best care she can is a reward in and of itself.

“They are well-cared for and well-looked after by my staff,” Brown said. “They just continue to live and thrive.”

Both of Brown’s daughters and her mother were there to support her Wednesday.

“I don’t want to own a business when I grow up,” said Briley Brown, Crystal’s youngest daughter. “It’s busy. And you’re going to be away from your kids. And sometimes when you have to work nights you can’t tuck us in to bed.”

“But is it worth it?” Crystal asked her daughters. “To see these people getting the best care in Kingman?”

“Yeah, most of the time,” replied her eldest daughter, Lainee.

Hope Haven is currently full, with seven residents. Brown said there is a waiting list about 12 people long who are trying to get into the home. They have a staff of nine who work all day and all night in 12 hour shifts.

Anyone who needs help or would like to get set up on the waiting list can call the home at 928-377-5003.

“When you’re dealing with a loved one that gets too hard to handle, reach out. Call us,” Brown said. “Caregivers need support because it is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and support.”