Originally published Friday, September 14, 2018 at 05:50a.m.

Between 2016-2020 is a strange time. About 35 percent to 40 percent, depending on whose poll you prefer, is OK with a president who is owned lock, stock, and barrel by our enemy Russia, a former KGB agent now dictator is this fellow’s best pal, or master depending on your view!

During World War II we had a Nazi 5th columnist movement. Today we have an American-Russian 5th columnist movement.

They have invaded us without a shot fired. Our only hope is a real war hero, a real patriot who bled on the battlefield for this country former U.S. Marine Robert Mueller.

The GOP is nothing right now. The NRA was infiltrated by a Russian spy, Russian money. It is not the NRA anymore but National Russian Association! When treason is mentioned, it’s not when someone speaks ill of a president who is unfit, but for those aiding and abetting our enemies. Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, these folks do not wish us well!

Ralph Hill