Originally published Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 07:10p.m.

U.S. Supreme Justice Elena Kagan, obviously concerned about Judge Brett Kavanaugh becoming a justice, stated this week, “There may no longer be a middle position.”

I’m sure her concerns go along with the recent hysteria and Kavanaugh brouhaha, which is a belief by the left that a Justice Kavanaugh will singlehandedly throw out Roe v. Wade.

What we don’t need are middle of the road justices. We need justices who will interpret our laws and not make law as was done in Roe v. Wade. The Constitution is not an evolving document, it is the absolute, divine, self-evident truth of the equality of all men and in the unalienable rights granted by our Creator.

That right included slaves. It also should include unborn persons, made in the image of God. To say, as was done, in the right to privacy there is a right to kill unborn children is ridiculous. And Kavanaugh couldn’t throw out Roe v. Wade if he wanted. At the very least it could be sent to the states to decide individually.

However, the real answer is right in front of our noses. Declare that unborn babies are persons and then it would automatically be wrong to abort them. And if you don’t believe they are persons, take a look at pictures of aborted babies.

If you insist it’s that they can’t take care of themselves, neither could my mother in end stage Alzheimer’s who had to be bathed, turned and tube fed. Not once did I consider stopping feeding her, and yes, once I was advised I could do that. I said no.

As I came into the world on a peaceful Sunday morning, so did my mother leave, peacefully, on another Sunday morning on God’s time.

Linda Athens

Kingman resident