Originally published Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 07:29p.m.

KINGMAN – Students aren’t the only ones to receive grades. Schools get graded every year, and those report cards from Arizona’s State Board of Education for 2017-2018 are out.

Kingman Academy of Learning Intermediate and Middle schools went up from last year’s B to an A. Kingman Academy High School remained at a B.

Susan Chan, executive director for KAOL, said her initial reaction was that their hard work finally paid off.

“We continue to focus on teaching the state standards and look at each standard and what it’s telling us,” Chan said.

KAOL is essentially looking outside the textbook. Chan said, for example, if the math books they currently have aren’t teaching the standards, they look at other supplemental materials that meet their needs.

Chan is thankful for all the hard work the teachers do to make KAOL successful. KAOL will keep doing what they’re doing to make sure every student is successful.


Kingman Middle School went from a D to an F for 2017-2018. Kingman Unified School District Superintendent Roger Jacks hopes to see improvement with the new principal. (Photo by Vanessa Espinoza/Daily Miner)

For Kingman Unified School District, Mt. Tipton Elementary School went from a D to a B and Manzanita Elementary improved from a B to an A.

Superintendent Roger Jacks said both Mt. Tipton and Manzanita worked hard to improve their grades and see their efforts continue.

Some schools did receive upsetting news. Kingman Middle School went from a D to an F, and Desert Willow Elementary went from a B to a C. Jacks said KMS had difficulty with teacher retention.

“We have a much better teacher staff this year and anticipate a better grade,” Jacks said.

Other schools within KUSD showed some improvement. Kingman High School and White Cliffs Middle School went from a D to a C. Jacks said the increase in grade was from academic growth from more students ranking proficient.

Grades for other schools in the district are Lee Williams High School – C, Cerbat Elementary – C, Hualapai Elementary, B, and Black Mountain Elementary in Golden Valley – D.