Originally published Monday, October 8, 2018 at 05:15p.m.

In regard to the article posted in the Friday paper on Sept. 28, I understand the dilemma and invasion of these “in all appearances” poor panhandlers.

We have heard all the gimmicks and excuses of these dear souls, though only a handful may be sincerely homeless. My husband and I came up with an alternative to help them.

We created informative business cards of the Cornerstone Mission here in Kingman. The business card contains the address, phone number and services which the mission offers to help the homeless and hungry. We give this card out to those individuals who solicit us for cash.

Sometimes we have purchased $10 Del Taco food cards and Burger King food cards and have given them out instead of cash in the hopes of preventing our hard-earned money from being used for alcohol or cigarettes rather than for food only.

Most of us budget our funds and are unable to give money to every individual who approaches us on foot, not to mention all the various mail solicitations, of which we have received 25 just this month. One has to pick and choose the charity they desire to support or find themselves in danger of becoming homeless as well.

We give to the Kingman Cornerstone Mission and support our local Kingman people with the information on free shelter, clothing and food which is donated by our Kingman community. Cornerstone Mission works very hard and is in need of supplies to help the many unfortunate people who really desire to be assisted to get back on their feet.

I’m not saying it’s easy, change is difficult, however our community does recognize the need and our citizens could certainly “pitch in more” to try to help our truly homeless and hungry people.

Please consider helping the mission in town to reduce the barrage of parking lot and street corner solicitors. Pick up the phone and call them and see how you can be of service. It’s a real option.