Originally published Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 06:20p.m.

The first Kingman International Day Of Peace, held Sept. 21 at Locomotive Park, attracted approximately 40 fellow peace lovers. From humble beginnings can come great things. We who organized the event thank those who helped establish the framework and provided for the event as follows:

Sharon and Peter Weber for the use and assembly of pop-up, cooler, ice and invaluable support and suggestions.

Patricia Cobb for the audio and PA system and delightful intermittent entertainment. Alan White for background peace music burned on a CD.

Richard Wool for the beautiful peace banner produced by his company "A Plus Sign and Products.”

Nola Long and her daughter Cheyna, artists in residence, who did peace face painting and origami peace cranes. Ed Pyrzynski who donated bottled water for audience consumption.

Danny Baker who provided helpful encouragement.

Kingman Daily Miner, the Standard and local radio stations for outstanding publicity of this event.

As is true of these types of community events the day of the event many more people step forward to volunteer their time and expertise as summarized below and pointed out above:

Pastor Ray Christenson who shared vivid description of war in Central America; Sarah Elizabeth who displayed train peace signs and provided general help where needed; Merlyn Hepworth the guest poet who performed lovely peace poem selections; J'aime Morgaine, Ambassador of KABAM; Mikel Weisser, Stanfield Major, Chris Meisenheimer for peace poems; Bruce Carter who assured publicity in Facebook and KABAM

As you see a true community event! To all, a huge thank you in launching this year's peace event. Plans are to establish the International Peace Day, Sept. 21, as an annual Kingman event. Same date however location to be determined next year!

Again thank you to all helpers and attendees for a great event!

Christine Meisenheimer