Originally published Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 12:21p.m.

KINGMAN – Deana Nelson, one of the City’s recently elected councilmembers, says she never thought she would be in the political arena but is looking forward to serving Kingman.

She did her first check on election results at about 9 p.m. Tuesday.

“There was a certain level of excitement and of OK this is real, time to move forward and get some stuff done,” Nelson said.

First priorities for Nelson include the interchange projects, annexation and moving the half-percent of sales tax revenue Nelson says is currently in the general fund to pavement preservation.

“I think that’s important,” she said. “Then what we need to look at is our interchanges, Kingman Crossing and Rancho Santa Fe.”

She spoke to annexation as well.

“We definitely have some annexation things we need to talk about,” Nelson said. “Obviously, we have a high school we should be looking at, and if we’re looking at one area of annexation we should be looking at all areas of annexation.”

Nelson also addressed her support of Prop. 413, the Responsible Sales and Use Tax Act, which voters passed by a wide margin. The proposition repeals the 1 percent sales tax increase in addition to requiring future increases to go to the voters.

She explained her issue was less about the tax itself and more to do with the manner in which it was implemented by Council.

“The way that tax was voted in was not fair to the citizens, and that’s the reason why I was upset,” Nelson said, adding that it’s upsetting future councils will have their hands tied because of how the current Council handled the tax increase.

Even though she never expected to enter politics, Nelson is looking forward to her time on Council.

“The one thing I always want is for Kingman to move forward and grow,” Nelson said. “I just want it done right.”