Originally published Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 07:25p.m.

KINGMAN – School districts such as Hackberry, Valentine and Topock will see new and familiar faces on its school boards following elections.

Ellen Kelley gained 68 percent of the vote, which came to a total of 315 votes and a seat on Hackberry School District. Her opponent, Samuel Hamodey came up short with only 31 percent of the vote with 144 total votes.

For Hackberry 2 year, Scherri Whitten gained over 61 percent of the vote with 287 votes casted. Her opponent Rocky Hamodey gained almost 37 percent of the vote with 171 tallied votes.

Valentine School District gained Ethen Hopper as a school board member with 46 percent of the vote with 32 votes.

Tom Daughtery and Darlen Spiegel won seats for Topock School District. Daughtery won with 272 votes and, 25 percent of the vote and Speigel with little over 23 percent of the vote tallying 256 votes.