Originally published Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 07:28p.m.

Council Member Travis Lingenfelter filed a formal complaint with the City of Kingman disputing my claim of spending less than $1,000 for political signage, for the purpose of falling below the campaign finance reporting threshold and the requirement to properly register as a legal political action committee within the state of Arizona. The complaint was referred back to Councilman Lingenfelter.

As a private citizen exercising my free speech rights, I purchased signs, and if asked, I would have shown invoices for the signs. Mr. Lingenfelter requested the city obtain third-party verification to verify the cost of signage. This is another way of saying he doesn’t believe me. Does the City need this expense? If asked, I would gladly produce the invoices.

Councilmen Lingenfelter supports out of state money being in spent in opposition, but he feels the need to attack me?

I made a report with KPD that some of my signs have been stolen. I believe as of this date one-third of my signs have been stolen. Lingenfelter’s friends have not reported one sign stolen; I’m left speculating who is taking my signs.

It’s not about the money or the signs, but a pattern with Councilman Lingenfelter to attack, intimidate and demonize anyone who disagrees with him personally or opposes his views.

Doug Dickmeyer

Kingman resident