Originally published Friday, March 9, 2018 at 06:00a.m.

KINGMAN – Bobby Steed is no stranger to bowling.

The Kingman resident started competing in the sport at five years old and has always been an avid bowler. But when he nears a 300 game, anxiety sets in.

“Every 300 game still gives you those little butterflies and those nerves,” Steed said. “Up to the 10th frame, it gets a little nerve racking there. That 12th frame, I don’t care who they are, it’s really nerve racking.”

That wouldn’t seem to be the case, however, if you knew he picked up No. 16 on Feb. 15 at Cerbat Lanes. He was using a “Hammer Epidemic,” which he’s had for eight years. He finally tallied a 300 game with the ball while subbing in a Thursday night league.

“For 31 years, it’s always been my passion,” Steed said. “I bowl in as many tournaments as I can. I go to state every year and nationals here and there if I can get to there.”

Kingman’s Art Garcia also recently added to his accomplishments with the 22nd 800 series of his career.

“It’s awesome,” Garcia said. “Every single time you shoot one, it’s always exciting,”

The part-owner of the Cerbat Lanes Pro Shop drilled a new ball and it was his first three-game set with it. While that could be an advantage, Garcia admitted that it’s not always a guarantee.

But he knows it does help.

“Since I have the Pro Shop, I drill and I test the balls,” Garcia said. “That’s a good test.”

It was also a great atmosphere as Garcia described the night of his 800 series.

“Everybody was watching,” he said. “They were clapping and everything after I got it.”