Originally published Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 05:58a.m.

PHOENIX – The Arizona Attorney General released tips on how to avoid auto sale, repair fraud and phone fraud scams.

When buying a car or getting repairs done on your vehicle sometimes dealerships and repair shops can mislead customers on the purchase of a vehicle or repair.

Warning signs to look out for include, being rushed to sign paperwork, the terms of the contract are different than what the dealer promised, and the salesperson suggests you take home the vehicle before financing is approved.

When getting a car repair warning signs to look out for include not allowing to see the parts that need repair, or using terminology that you do not understand.

If you suspect phone fraud, signs to look out for is rushing you to make a decision, saying that you have won a free prize, or that you don’t need to check with the Better Business Bureau.

Protecting yourself

Protecting yourself is always important and ways you can do that include doing some research on the vehicle you want to buy, don’t sign a contract with blank spaces and check financing rates with your bank or credit union before shopping for a new vehicle.

While getting repairs, protect yourself by getting several quotes before any major repair, don’t pay for anything you did not authorize, get written estimates about the problem and charge.

Protecting yourself from phone scammers is simply check caller ID, hang up if you suspect a scam call, ask questions, like “who is calling and why?” or “can I have time to think about this?”

For additional information and resources visit, www.azag.gov.

Information provided by the Arizona Attorney General