Originally published Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 05:56a.m.

Those who throw rocks ought to not live in glass houses. Yes Bill Clinton was a scoundrel, adulterer, accused of various sexual wrongs, yet zero convictions in any criminal court. Being sued in civil court and settling a claim is done by many, including the fellow presently sitting in office today who has dozens of sexual assault accusations and even one rape of a woman who was 13 at time of the alleged incident.

Morality is not often found in politics.

Kennedy was an infamous adulterer, one can list a long list. Of course none on tape like Trump bragging of his sexual assaults and how it was his right for being famous.

Republicans gave us Nixon and Watergate, Reagan and Iran Contra guns for drugs for hostages, none of the less than stellar men have been accused of treason, as has Trump.

Laundering money for Russian mob, taking a Russian loan for $900 million, which is on record in a German bank he is terrified will release the records to public. China just loaned him and his family $500 million, a Saudi prince who just seized power is publically bragging he owns Trump’s son-in-law.

I guess one party can try and claim moral superiority but the good thing is Jesus will judge all these men, and I would not be anyone of them for all the tea in China.

Ralph Hill