Originally published Sunday, July 8, 2018 at 05:56a.m.

Regarding Danny Baker’s opinion piece in the Miner on 7/3/2018. Seems that you may be the one misleading people. Reading the ad from the Havasu News is says; “Meet,” therefore any normal person would consider it a “Meet and greet.” To assume it was a Republican reception is on you.

There very well may be a good reason as to why “progressive candidates” Mary McCord and J’aime Morgaine were not invited given the state of the rabid violence the left has been demonstrating against many republicans lately. Maybe they just wanted a peaceful Q & A, no violence or drama, so the participants would not be on edge and free to communicate with the people.

Here is a novel idea, if Mary McCord and J’aime Morgaine want to get their message out, let them do all the work, the planning and arrangements then they can invite or not invite whomever they want. I am guessing this would be way to much work for them, they would rather crash the event and cause a scene such has been happening lately from the left.

While competition is always a good thing, it is drowned out by any violence perpetrated against the other participants. People are getting tired of it and if the Democratic Party wants to stay competitive they need to dump the violence.

Just a word to the wise.

Sam Wise