Originally published Sunday, January 7, 2018 at 05:58a.m.


Crews from nine U.S. Army UH-60M Black Hawk “Mike” helicopters chow down on Subway sandwiches provided by former U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Wade Brambley, a Kingman resident who served with one of the chopper pilots.

KINGMAN – A fleet of nine U.S. Army Blackhawk choppers dropped into Kingman Airport Friday for lunch on Wade Brambley, a Kingman resident who served in the Army from 1999 to 2008.

The Black Hawks are on their way from Fort Carson, Colorado, to Fort Irwin, California, for a training mission.

One of the pilots, John Martin, served under Brambley, a staff sergeant who was medically separated from service after two tours in Iraq.

“He found out the flight pattern was coming over Kingman and he got in contact with me,” Brambley said. “I still have four or five soldiers contacting me a lot.”

Martin was one of Brambley’s soldiers who tested the new UH-60M Black Hawk “Mike” model, which replaced the “Lima” starting in 2007. It became the Army’s medium-lift helicopter capable of assault, medical evacuation and cargo missions, as well as common and control, aerial sustainment and search and rescue.

Brambley said he helped Martin rise from enlisted specialist to warrant officer so he could become a Black Hawk helicopter pilot.

Brambley, who grew up in Wikieup and graduated from Kingman High School, bought Subway sandwiches for 53 Black Hawk crew members who were on the training mission.

“They deserve to have someone show them some appreciation,” he said. “They do things for us every day and we don’t have a chance to show our appreciation.”