Originally published Friday, February 9, 2018 at 05:57a.m.

The bottom line: Most Americans want equal justice for all. If any person breaks the law, he or she should be prepared to suffer a consequence.

Remembering an old quotation regarding “a man who would steal an egg would also steal a cow” means to me that if stealing from another was in your heart, there would be little to deter you if there were no laws in place.

Our laws are basically created to protect us, and that should include our traffic speed limits. It seems to now be acceptable to drive at least 5 miles per hour faster than the posted speed limit. I do try to abide by the posted limits, but am routinely passed by others going much faster. Many drivers are rude and appear to resent anyone going the speed limit.

It is a personal choice to obey a law, but if the law (however simple) is broken, that person should be ready to accept a punishment.

I use the traffic laws as an example of all the people who break the law by entering the United States illegally. They have all been free to enter legally, but they have chosen to disregard our laws with little in the way of punishment for their behavior. Those who have done all the many things necessary to enter the Untied States as legal citizens must feel more resentful of the illegals behavior than I feel when I am obeying the speed limit and passed by a rude and sometimes nasty driver. My vehicle can go as fast or faster then theirs, and I would love to drive it faster but I am stopped by my respect for our laws and my desire to try to be a good citizen.

Evidently those who have entered illegally have no respect for our laws, our country, or our legal citizens. It may seem harsh, but they should go back to their own countries, be grateful for all they have received while living here illegally – then demanding even more. Anyone has the opportunity to enter legally, according to our laws.

Carolyn Morrow

Kingman Resident