Originally published Tuesday, December 4, 2018 at 07:28p.m.

How rude: We were shopping at Walmart, I was using a motorized cart because my back was hurting, I picked up three items, then parked near the opening to the cosmetics. When I finished, someone had taken my cart! I found my items in a regular cart. How rude and disgusting is this?

‘Persuasion, power, fraud’ has5 gross factual errors: Mike. If you think you are going to point out real facts to flat-earth believers, you are spitting into a 90 mph wind and expecting to not get wet.

N.A.C.F.D.: More money wasted by an illegal and incompetent board. District taxpayers will pay the price if action is not taken soon.

New 66 Bakery Downtown: Great news! Spent many years going to this building – will again go but with good smells in the air this time. Early Kingman always had a bakery. Our very best wishes with this.

Community view: a 3-step approach to illegal aliens: I have lived in Kingman for 24 years and never met anyone who lost their job to illegal immigrants. Mr. Gravener’s arguments are based on nationalist propaganda, not personal experience. Here’s hoping Santa brings him a heart for Christmas!