Originally published Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 06:00a.m.

The Kingman Academy Intermediate School had 21 perfect scores in the 2016-2017 AzMerit tests from third-grade through fifth-grade.

Those who were perfect with the subject tested are in the back row (Left to Right): Cody Crowl (Math), Kasen Lingenfelter (Math), Noah Petrauschke (Math), Rolan Dela Pena (Math), Jaynell Patel (Math), Nikoli Maticic (Math), Jacob Batty (English), Katie Burkes (Math), Taylor Davison (Math), Calen Milea (English and Math) and Adam Michelson (English). In the front row (Left to Right): Robert Summerlin (Math), Morgan Quinn (Math), Elise Alleman (Math), Elise Alleman (Math), Chloe Hunt (Math), Gwen Kennedy (Math), Gracie Forsse (Math), Tyler Butler (Math), Rilee Otto (Math) and Maxwell Swapp (Math).