Originally published Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 04:37p.m.

The second-ever graduating class of Lee Williams High School endured strong winds Thursday night, but their excitement was stronger.


Sierra Nichols glances back at screaming supporters while waiting to accept her diploma

There were 187 students, 42 of them with GPA’s of 3.6 or higher, who managed to keep their caps from blowing away and their gowns from blowing off while accepting their diplomas from LWHS staff and Kingman Unified School District board members.


A soon-to-be graduate runs to her family while the class song, Kygo’s “Stole the Show,” blares through the LWHS football field loudspeakers. Other students spent the duration hugging, taking selfies and waving to family members in the bleachers.

There was a brief moment of excitement when a powerline exploded, possibly due to an errant bouquet of celebratory balloons, and the energy in the crowd was enough to blow out the whole downtown electrical grid. This was KUSD’s last graduation ceremony for the 2016-17 school year. It all starts back up July 26.