Originally published Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 06:00a.m.

KINGMAN – Steel Rain Production, LLC has recently cast Miss Odango, a local actress, for the role of Skadi in their upcoming short film.

After combing through dozens of email submissions and conducting multiple interviews, Director Charles Black and Executive Producer Luca Zanna have chosen their actress.

“We found the most unique, charismatic, and entertaining young lady from Kingman who fits our vision of what Skadi would have looked like,” said Black.

A private photo shoot was recently held in Kingman last week for the actress, while final preparations that were made for when filming began Sunday.


Today, mankind is lost in a world full of violence, destruction, and chaos. They have become disconnected from their ancestral roots while being enslaved by globalism.

Humanity has fallen victim to the powers of a few. People once showed no fear when standing eye-to-eye with their enemy, but today fewer and fewer have the emotional and spiritual strength to stand up for their sovereignty, protect families and freedom.

I am Skadi, the Norse goddess of winter, hunting and just revenge. I offer hope to humanity. I will share with you my warrior spirit, love and courage. Awaken the warrior in you.