Originally published Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 05:56a.m.

KINGMAN – It’s time to start nominating local women for the 34th annual “Women Making History” award. The project honors women in a wide variety of areas.

“We focus on the rich and inspiring heritage of women’s contributions in the Mohave County area and celebrate the lives and work of women of all races, ages and cultures,” Betsy Parker, a member of the steering committee, said.

The scope of this project is to honor living women who have made a one-time contribution of major significance or a series of ongoing contributions over a longer period of time. The Women Making History Awards have been celebrated in Kingman, Arizona since 1984, with over 200 women receiving recognition in that time.

National Women’s History Month focuses on the rich and inspiring heritage of women’s contributions in the United States and sets aside a special time each year to recognize and celebrate the lives of countless women of all races, ages, cultures, ethnic traditions, religious faiths and ways of life.

“The goal of this event is to recognize the women of Kingman,” Parker said.

It’s also a chance for the community to see what kinds of strong women there are in the community.

The nomination deadline is Jan. 19. To nominate a woman go to kingmanwomenmakinghistory.com. There are also paper copies available at several locations around the community at the Mohave Community Library, Mohave Community College, Museum of History and Arts and the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce. The categories for nomination are the arts, business, education, health or medical professions, lifetime achievement, pioneering, professions, public services, religion and volunteerism.

A nominee must be a living woman who has significantly contributed to the Kingman area, has been a permanent resident for at least 10 years, has had a positive impact on the community and has not previously been a recipient in any category of the Women Making History Awards.

The ceremony will be held 2 p.m. March 4 at the Mohave Museum of History and Arts.

“Don’t wait for the person next to you to do it,” Parker said. “Step forward and nominate a woman that you know.”