Dear Readers: I am often asked, “Do you ever hear back from the people who wrote to you?” The answer is yes, I do.

A year ago, “Claire G. in California” wrote to bring awareness to a program called Knitted Knockers. Its members knit or crochet soft, lightweight prostheses for breast cancer survivors and provide them at no cost to women who need them. A few weeks ago, I received this follow-up:

Dear Abby: Our whole world changed when you printed our letter last December. We now support more than 450 medical clinics nationwide. We are in 16 countries and give away 1,000 knockers a month free to women, provided by literally thousands of volunteer knitters and crocheters! The testimonies we receive from women who have received them, as well as those making them, are touching. Many tell us their lives have been changed.

Much of this occurred because of the huge response generated by the letter Dear Abby published on Dec. 6, 2016. Ten thousand knockers were given out as a result of that letter, and hundreds of knitters and crocheters signed up to help their own communities. It took us three months to “dig out” from that huge response, but we did it.

Thank you, Abby, for making a difference in this challenging world we live in. – Barbara D. in Washington

Dear Barbara: You’re welcome, and thank you for the update. Readers who are interested can go to and learn more about this worthwhile program, or volunteer to be a creator of these wonderful gifts of comfort and dignity.

Dear Abby: I was divorced more than 10 years ago. When I’m filling out forms, do I still have to check the box for divorced? I feel I am more happily single than unhappily divorced. – Happily Single

Dear Happily: Your current state of mind has no bearing on this. If the forms are legal or medical in nature, it would be wrong to lie about your status, so tell the truth.

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