Originally published Sunday, November 20, 2016 at 06:03a.m.

KINGMAN – Ruth Sorensen celebrated her 104th birthday Thursday with friends at White Cliffs Senior Living.

Sorensen was presented with a cake, music was played and even some wine flowed as residents celebrated a huge achievement.

“I get up and enjoy everything and everyone around me. It’s all fine,” said Sorensen, who mentioned she has a son and grandson in town. “I’m healthy. I get along. I don’t have many problems.”

“She’s just a delightful person. She’s just really sweet,” said Michelle Taylor, activities director at White Cliffs, which houses about 85 elderly people.

“She’s got a great attitude. She and her buddy Pat hang around all the time. They sit outside. They love to sit in the sun. They love to visit,” said Taylor.

Sorensen hasn’t lost her sense of humor. When asked about a cane that was hanging on the table where she was sitting, Sorensen quipped, “That’s just for looks I guess.”

She was born in Pasadena, Calif. She was a homemaker after marrying her husband Floyd.

When asked how she made it this far, Sorensen said, “Enjoy people around you. Enjoy things around you.”

She added, “I enjoy every day and I love people. I get along with everyone.”

As for hobbies, Sorensen said, “I love to try to play the piano, and I love sewing.”

“I was raised in a Masonic home in Covina, Calif.,” said Sorensen proudly. She said one of her favorite things to do is eat.

“I eat everything. I like food and good meals,” she said.

She also said she “sleeps like a log.”

Judging by her attitude and the good shape she is in – both mentally and physically – Sorensen will be celebrating birthdays for years to come.